I’m a writer and critic.

Quin-THE-UNMAPPED-COUNTRY_72dpi_RGB-300x460The Unmapped Country (2018) is a collection of the ‘lost’ short stories and fragments by the radical 1960s writer, Ann Quin. The book is published by And Other Stories to launch their Year of Publishing Women 2018. For the last fifty years or so, the stories sat scattered in boxes and sequestered in drawers in archives and private collections all over the shop. Over the course of seven years, I collected them together from Quin’s old mates, ex-lovers, confidants and collaborators in a crappy cardboard folder. I hope she’s chuffed they are now finally seeing the light of day.

You can read more about the book here, and take a sneak peek at one of the stories here.

IMG-7173I’ve written about books for the Guardian, The New Statesman, The White Review, the Review of Contemporary Fiction, Music and Literature and others. And I’ve talked about them for BBC Radio 4’s Open Book, BBC Radio 3’s The Verb, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Brighton Film Festival, the BBC College of Production and at many other festivals and events.

I was previously researcher-in-residence at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, a research fellow with the Hearing the Voice project at Durham University and UK Editor at Dalkey Archive Press. Awards include the Everett Helm Fellowship and the Lilly Library Fellowship.

I regularly lecture and teach on topics across modern and contemporary writing.

You can read an interview with me here.

You can email me at hello@jenniferhodgson.co.uk