Reader-in-residence, Humbermouth Literature Festival, Hull (cancelled due to COVID-19)

March – August 2020

LIQUID (Rebecca Lennon), Dilston Park Gallery/Matt’s Gallery, London

March 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19)

‘People kept telling me I should write a biography’, The Icing Room, London.

December 2019.

‘WE WILL PLUCK OUR MAGIC TWANGERS’, London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

September 2019.

‘Queer Lives in Print’, with Will Eaves for LGBT+ History Month at Brixton Library

May 2019.

‘Writing the Queer Working Class’, with Isabel Waidner, Review bookshop, London

March 2019.

Peckham Literary Festival, London

November 2018.

‘Lost Voices’ at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 2018.

Open Book, BBC Radio 4

On women’s writing in the 1960s, with Nell Dunn.

June 2018.

Chair at launch of Joanna Walsh’s “Break.up” and Lara Feigel’s “Free Woman” at LRB Bookshop

May 2018.

The Advance Guard of the Avant-garde – BBC Radio Archive on Four

With DJ Taylor, Jeremy Noel-Tod, Eimear McBride and Jonathan Coe. Listen here.
March 2018.

Literary Friction podcast with Nell Dunn

On the rediscovery of ‘lost’ writers. Listen here.
March 2018.

Backlisted podcast

On Ann Quin’s Berg. Listen here.
February 2018.

Suite (212) podcast with Juliet Jacques and Jonathan Coe

On sixties experimental writing. Listen here.
January 2018.

The Unmapped Country launch event, LRB Bookshop, London

I’ll be in conversation with Deborah Levy and Juliet Jacques. Tickets here.
January 2018.

BBC Radio 4’s Open Book

Talking about the life and work of Ann Quin. Listen here.
December 2017.

The Verb, BBC Radio Three

I appeared on The Verb with Steven J. Fowler, David Morley and Charles Fernyhough, talking about literary creativity and voice hearing.
February 2016.

Art Writing 2015, Aarhus_MG_7035 (1)

Commissioned to devise and deliver a performance based upon my Writers’ Inner Voices research at ‘INTIMACY: Art Writing the Body’ festival at the Aarhus Centre for Literature.
December 2015.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Hosting the Patrick Ness event.
August 2015.

The White Review Readings, Newcastle

Reading from my forthcoming edited collection of the unpublished short stories of Ann Quin.
May 2015.

Royal College of Art, London

Plenary roundtable panellist at ‘Experiment in Literature, Film and Music’ symposium.
May 2015.

Open Book, BBC Radio 4

I was interviewed by Mariella Frostrup on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book about my Writers’ Inner Voices research.
March 2015.

Cine City: Brighton International Film Festival

Introduction to a screening of the films of B.S. Johnson, Samuel Beckett and William Burroughs.
November 2014.

Legacies of the Avant Garde: Experimental Writings 1960-2014

Keynote lecture on the life and work of Ann Quin at the University of Brighton.
November 2014.

BBC College of Production Podcast

My Writers’ Inner Voices research formed the basis of a BBC podcast with television and radio writers.
November 2014.

READ: Research in English at Durham Podcast



In this podcast, Pat and Jennifer explain that literary critics think about the history of fiction in the twentieth century in the wrong kind of way. According to the prevailing view, British writing was at its zenith in modernism in the early twentieth century, but by the second half of the century it was overtaken by the global movements of postmodernism. British writers could no longer compete in the world market of fiction, which displayed a spirit of experiment and adventure of which the British public were allegedly suspicious.

However, Jennifer and Patricia argue that the problem is one of perspective. Instead of dividing writing according to generic or historical movements, if we think about the various forms that innovation might take we can discover radical British writing preceding modernism, in writers such as George Eliot; outlasting modernism, in writers such as Iris Murdoch; and still visible in the present, in writers such as Tom McCarthy. This podcast and the review stake a claim for the evolving existence of literary experimentation in Britain.


Christine Brooke-Rose reading

Reading at the ‘Christine Brooke-Rose: Remade’ conference at the Royal College of Art, London.
April 2013.

Launch of Best European Fiction Anthology

Hosting the launch event for the Best European Fiction anthology at Europe House, London with authors including Aleksander Hemon and Kirill Kobrin.
January 2013.

COPY Art Residency, Site Gallery, Sheffield

I participated in the COPY event at Site Gallery, taking part in a plenary roundtable, podcast, public talk and publication exploring forms, processes, structures and concerns within contemporary art writing and publishing.
May 2012.

New Media and Academia

Leading a workshop on using new media at the AHRC ‘New Media and Academia’ conference at Northumbria University.
May 2011.

We Must be Boned of our Norms: The British Novel and the Counterculture

Public lecture at the University of Sunderland’s Lunchtime Lectures series.
February 2011.

Reports of its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Will digital media finally kill the novel?

Public lecture at the Late Summer Lectures series, Durham University.
August 2010.

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