Hex Induction Hour

Like Joe’s, at the moment this blog might better be subtitled Things That Have Aroused My Ire Today. I’ve given the righteous indignation a rest today – though only just, BBC3 schedulers take heed – to serve up these morsels of weird on the web. I wrote about the worst of the internet last week – these outrageous compilations of estoterica and maverick science are some of the best, I think.

Professor Hex compiles strangenesses here

The Heavy Stuff searches for wonder with Husserl

The Anomalist

News from a lost neighbourhood

File under: the Rightful Uses of the Internet.

P.S. On a related sidenote, here’s a snippet from the most incongruous of publications, the Yorkshire Post, about West Yorkshire spiritualists.

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7 thoughts on “Hex Induction Hour”

  1. I can’t open the Yorkshire Post article, but doesn’t the YP have a history of writing about this kind of thing? DP has a Post journalist visit a medium in ‘1974’ and there’s stuff about them in ‘1980’ and ‘The Damned United’ as well…in fact, seances have been disproportionately popular in the West Riding since the ‘very olden days’. I think I read that somewhere in Alan Bennett, weirdly.xxx

  2. The incongruity was more of a personal note – the Yorkshire Post is more familiar to me (as you well know) for the Society pages’ depiction of yfyfc rollicking weekendings.Argh, post above removed due to misremembered acronym!J

  3. The Yorkshire Post and the Darlington and Stockton times could have a ‘smug-off’ to decide whether the arable farmers in the Vale of York are better at looking self-satisfied and ruddy in an ill-fitting bow tie than the arable farmers in the Yorkshire Wolds and Holderness. There should be far more photos of wizened Dales hill-farmers in the YP + D+S society pages, except they’d all have to be taken in some high-altitude pub rather than a Harrogate hotel frequented by cast members of Emmerdale.

  4. I was thinking more of an embarassment of teenagers in ill-fitting formal wear, FYI.And of gently-weathered 4 x 4 wives with Chanel sunnies wearing impossible shades of pastel.Man, its hot here. Also: sleep paralysis?!?!?

  5. I looked on Wikipedia today and the average amount of time in happens in someone’s life is once or twice, so you probably won’t see the man with the pig for some time. I, on the other hand, am clearly above average as it happens to me once or twice A YEAR.I think it’s quite funny, and typical, that your bad dream involved a pig going in a bathroom rather than – say – demonic Lovecraftian demons. Fortunately, it’s been a good few years since I’ve had to deal with any of them…

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