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  1. Continental Influence : nice article. I recently saw ‘Look Back in Anger’ so the subject drew my interest. Don’t know how I managed to not see the film all these years as I knew the play well and I’m a big fan of John Osborne. Also a fan of others of the day like Barstow and Waterhouse.America had its continental influence too, though I don’t think it ran as deep as it did in the UK. Foreign influence in modern America usually only finds expression in fads, products or in affectations among the glitterati.

  2. Whoops – wrong blogging identity.Evening!Indeed, in the the strange position of being European europhiles us Brits are ever susceptible. In fact, my lit crit endeavours are very much concerned with attempting to get Britishers to take some credit for the more interesting outcrops of the twentieth century novel, so intent are we on leaning on the French, like an apparently far sexier cousin!J

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