Ah! So that’s where the fine minds behind those out-of-town retail developments got their inspiration from. The strip mall, where if you’re on two feet, you’re probably one of those mads fucks with placards on the street corner, yelling about the end of the world. Here, I was honked at for walking. For walking!

Now, I’m really not being all squeamish here, I promise, but it really is completely impossible to be a pedestrian here. In fact, they set you booby traps: footpaths that snake off to nowhere, parking lots that test your long distance fettle and four-lane freeways with no crossing for three miles. It’s megalophobic stuff: just you, a preternaturally enormous sky, and a big, fuck-off Walmart.

Author: jenniferhodgson

Writer, editor, researcher

2 thoughts on “LOW SLUNG”

  1. love your pics of the american sprawl land. I'm ashamed that those corn feds aren't showing you a better time. Like I said, lemme know what your Chi town dates are, its MUCH more pedestrianized, and you can ride the EL!

  2. Hey G.,

    Thanks honey! And ignore my griping and moaning – I'm having a really good time. The corn-fed all very very lovely & kind to me – apart from the occasional middle aged woman, who can be an eensy bit supercilious.

    I'm totally hyped about having a go on the EL. I'm quite sure it must be like a fairground ride, right? I'm staying in, ahem, “Chi-Town” (no, I'm definitely not cool enough to call it that) between 28 June and 3 July and staying in a hostel in South Loop by the harbour. God, so excited. Any tips/tour guides you might be able to pass on would be great – I basically like gawping at buildings, bezzing around on foot and drinking drinks outside.


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