The Gustav Metzgers of Gentrification

On any given day I am, you might say, somewhat susceptible to feeling like I’ve unwittingly waded into some Pynchonian metaphysical quagmire. And thus it follows that I’ve been trying to work out what’s going on in this photo of a cottage 30ft away from the rapidly-eroding cliffs at Aldbrough on the Holderness Coast ever since I took it last Sunday.

What could move the occupier (or someone else?) to pin such a computer printout to their door? Have they been visited by prospecting gentrifiers eager to stake a claim on this overlooked patch of coast? There would have to have been a few of them, surely, to warrant a pre-emptive sign. And these must be gentrifiers of a pretty rare bent, since by my calculations this section of coast is disappearing at the rate of one house every two years and the cottage is only two doors from the cliff’s edge.

Author: jenniferhodgson

Writer, editor, researcher

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