…except not really. I am knee-deep in writing obligations just now, no rest for wicked, etc. However, I do have a couple o’ observations and some point n’ shooting for yer.

1. Confidential to the clothes horses: H&M here is, like, as good as it was in Britain 5 years ago.
(Backstory: Way back in, erm, 2001, “London of the North” Leeds was the shopping Mecca for Hull’s rag tag youth. At that point, without simulacra’d High Street (read: be-roofed wind tunnel) St Stephens, we were a little lacking. Favourite favourite for me was always H&M, which Hull sadly lacked, and whose multicoloured eurofashions always seemed pretty exotic. And, importantly, cheapex)

2. Subway, I think, has the same yeasty-and-tomato odour the world over. Except you’d ask for the pleasingly-transliterative szendvics here, natch.

Anyway. Photos! Then, back to it.

More on my Flickr here. Budapest is a total embarassment of picturesque, and I have become quite the shutter-bore.