We get what we deserve?

Dear June Sarpong,

I think I get your sentiment but I definitely don’t dig your arrogant, ill-thought out new media opportunism.

June Sarpong’s new lipstick n’ politick blog, Politics and the City, is noteable as a hateful conflation of two particularly doh-brained phenomenae: the latecoming demographization of women as media consumers (see also the truly horrible Observer Woman Magazine, Mamma Mia, most things associated with the SATC jamboree 2008 ) and the compulsion to talk down to one’s audience as some vaguely-imagined – possibly dribbling – lowest common denominator. The result could be subtitled, as Lost in Showbiz puts it, “Women: Is the News Too Hard for You to Understand?”

However, just as the internet taketh away, it giveth: the collective “wtf?” that met Sarpong’s new venture at its launch two Monday ago was most heartening.

Anyway, good luck with your portal, June.

J x