Though I bitch n’ moan about the misuses of the internet rather a lot (blog monetarisation, the Raw Food movement, online personal development gurus – “you too can finally experience the kind of life that deep down you always knew you were meant to live” – and personal branding passim) one of its very best functions is, I think, as a sort of clubhouse for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of all shades to guild together and gently indulge their bent, however obscure.

8333696’s collection of pictures of abandoned and disused buildings is a fine example. She’s one of a hardy band of benign trespassers (I believe the term correct term is Urban Explorers) who tote their cameras to places they shouldn’t be (derelict lidos, asylums, factories, power stations) and chronicle what they find.

We get what we deserve?

Dear June Sarpong,

I think I get your sentiment but I definitely don’t dig your arrogant, ill-thought out new media opportunism.

June Sarpong’s new lipstick n’ politick blog, Politics and the City, is noteable as a hateful conflation of two particularly doh-brained phenomenae: the latecoming demographization of women as media consumers (see also the truly horrible Observer Woman Magazine, Mamma Mia, most things associated with the SATC jamboree 2008 ) and the compulsion to talk down to one’s audience as some vaguely-imagined – possibly dribbling – lowest common denominator. The result could be subtitled, as Lost in Showbiz puts it, “Women: Is the News Too Hard for You to Understand?”

However, just as the internet taketh away, it giveth: the collective “wtf?” that met Sarpong’s new venture at its launch two Monday ago was most heartening.

Anyway, good luck with your portal, June.

J x