Honoured (honoured, honoured) to have been asked to provide an Afterword for The Coelacanth Press’ brilliant republication of Brigid Brophy’s 1956 novel, King of a Rainy Country. She’s a right one, that B.B. Here’s what they say at The Coelacanth:

The Coelacanth Press, founded in 2008 and having released seven issue so far of its cult journal, releases its first book title in November 2012. Continuing the press’ ethos of uncovering the forgotten (either in the present of the past) their first book is Brigid Brophy’s “The King of a Rainy Country”.
As Ali Smith writes in endorsement of this edition, ‘This pitch-perfect novel, an inquiry into romanticism and disaffection, is witty, unexpectedly moving and a revelation again of Brophy’s originality. Entirely of its time, it remains years ahead of itself even now, nearly 60 years later, in its emotional range and its intellectual and formal blend of stoicism and sophistication.’
The Coelacanth Press has commission one of today’s best visual artist, – Bonnie Camplin – to provide the perfect package for the reintroduction of this text now ripe for re-evaluation. 

It’s out on Monday 19th November and available, as they say, in all good bookshops. More here.