Breast stroke about architecture

I’m something of a latecomer to sporting pursuits. In fact, you might say that swimming and I met along a path of least resistance. Horrified, in my nerdish way, by the gym and too pigheaded for team sports, swimming just about passed the perspiring-with-dignity test.

Anyway, come Autumn – if all goes to plan – I’ll hang up my towel at the Bernard Matthews Olympic pool (yes, really) here in Norwich, and instead I’ll be doing laps in this Bauhausish wonder:

This is the Alfréd Hajós Sports Pool, on Margaret Island, Budapest, named for the Olympic Gold medalist swimmer and architect who built it. The moonlighting Hajós was the first modern Olympic champion, back when the Games were strictly amateurs-only. His day job was architecture, he built sports grounds in Szeged, Pápa and Miskolc, as well as the chi chi Andrassy Hotel in Budapest.